System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

Getting started

This web site contains information to help you use the System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config). x-config, intended for Lenovo Sales teams and authorized Lenovo Business Partners, is a full-function, globally available, proposal and configuration tool with options to configure solutions with Cluster support ON or OFF. x-config is not a design tool, however, x-config allows users to:

x-config is a stand-alone application that runs on a workstation once it has been installed. x-config requires an internet connection to install or refresh the version. Users should always accept the optional update when offered.

x-config supports the following products (high level):

Specifically, x-config supports:

x-config does NOT support:

Configuration options from the x-config Starter page

When selecting “Intelligent Cluster,” users can configure the following cluster solution groups:

… in either of the following modes:

When selecting “General Purpose,” users can configure simple to complex configurations of System x, BladeCenter, and Flex Systems products and solutions:

When selecting “Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure,” users can configure a Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure rapidly with a single-page form, and customize the system with features and functions available for General Purpose configurations

Note: For preconfigured models and uninstalled compatible options or individual parts or for racked solutions to be fulfilled by a Distributor, use the Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT).

Workstation requirements lists the hardware and software requirements for x-config. Install/Update provides information on installing and updating x-config. Help and support contains release notes, education including Web lectures, FAQs and help desk support information.

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