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    It is needed to perform a "Clean Install", uninstalling the SSCT Tool and removing the SSCT installation folder, then download and install the current SSCT application.
    Note: Default installation path will change after installing current SSCT application.

    Important notice:SSCT displays availability codes for listed part numbers. These codes allow you to understand, before you purchase, how quickly Lenovo will be able to ship your order, insuring proper expectations are set up front. The indicator definitions are as follows:

    • "A" - Readily available; up to 7 business days order to ship.
    • "B" - Standard availability; up to 12 business days order to ship.
    • "C" - Special Order; extended lead time.
    • "D" - Discontinued. Fulfillment of this product will be based on stock availability.

    Unclassified hardware availability
    The table below contains categories with established Standard Leadtime. For categories not covered here, please contact your Lenovo Sales Representative for additional information.
    Unclassified Hardware Standard Leadtime
    (Order Receipt to Shipment)
    Battery12 days
    Cable12 days
    Keyboards7 days
    Line cords7 days
    Manufacturing Instructions7 days
    Pointing Device 7 days
    Selectable Feature Mechanical 12 days
    Software 2-7 days
    Standard Factory Services 7 days
    Unselected Feature Attachment 20 days
    Value Added Option (VAO) 20 days

    Note: There is a new process in place on Windows platforms to update your Lenovo Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool to the latest version called Data Updates, also called Data Patches. This process will be launched automatically via the ‘SSCT Update Checker’ everytime that you start the SSCT tool, refer to the Readme file for more information.

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  • General Information

    General Information

    Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT) is a software application with technical guidelines incorporated in its database which has been developed to aid Lenovo sales and business partners and to facilitate technical collaborations in configuring eServer systems and rack cabinets. The application is designed to support an interactive interface with graphics for determining the price, ideal environment, available rack cabinet space and available resources along with other operations associated with ordering and configuring a whole solution. The application is also capable of saving or exporting data in several different formats.

    You may make a request or receive product support at the e-mail address below:

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    When contacting us via email please include the following:

    • In the Subject heading: "Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool Version x.x"
    • Your name
    • Your job title
    • Your email and additional contact information
    • A detailed description of the technical issue
    • Steps to recreate the technical issue (when possible)
    • Screenshots of the presented technical issue (when possible)
    • Additional comments pertinent to the technical issue
  • Channel Prices

    Channel Prices

    SSCT channel price ( Tier1 price ) password are available on the SSCT Custom Price Access page on the following link:

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    In order to access these pages your Lenovo Partner Portal account must be associated with a tier-1 business partner. Instructions to set up a Lenovo Partner account are available on the following links:

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    For more information, please send email to {{ content.support_mail }}.

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