Workstation requirements

Hardware and software requirements for System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

Note: Running other applications which demand memory and processor cycles concurrent with x-config may have an adverse effect on system performance. For such situations, it is recommended that memory be added to the minimum required, and that a faster processor be used.

Your workstation must meet or exceed the following hardware and software requirements:

Minimum hardware requirements:

Operating system requirements:

One of the following operating systems is required:

Additional software requirements:

x-config requires Oracle SDN JRE Version 7 or version 8 that can be obtained at the following URL

Note: While newer versions of Oracle SDN JRE may be available, x-config is currently supported on version 7.x and version 8.x.

Once the proper JRE is installed, you can install or update x-config by following the instructions on the Install/Update page, also available via the menu on the left.